Large Export Potential, Scarcity of Raw Material for Coconut Charcoal Briquettes is an Obstacle

November 17, 2022
2 menit
Granul carbon aktiv

Despite the great potential in exports, the Association of Indonesian Coconut Charcoal Briquette Entrepreneurs (HIPBAKI), assesses that there are still a number of obstacles faced by entrepreneurs today. The chairman of HIPBAKI, Basuki said, one of the problems faced by these briquette entrepreneurs was the scarcity of briquette raw materials. “This is a very major obstacle, because whole-grain coconuts are exported excessively. This causes coconut shells, which are the basic ingredients for briquettes, to be difficult to obtain. So that the production of briquettes cannot meet demand,” he said, Saturday (11/28/2020). When not operating due to the scarcity of basic briquette materials, it automatically makes the workforce experience a decrease in income and even tends to be laid off so that it has an impact on unemployment. “There is no synchronization between associations, or associations related to coconut business commodities and their derivatives, resulting in only sectoral settlements or according to their respective interests,” he added. Not only that, the delivery of coconut charcoal briquettes for export is very constrained. His party is still wondering because some shipping parties are reluctant to transport the briquette production. So that there is a buildup of briquette products in the factory warehouses of each member. “We hope that the government is present in its regulations to stabilize the raw material for coconut shell briquettes in particular and the coconut derivative business in general. So that the normalization of the briquette production business can be guaranteed,” he said. “In addition, we also hope that the Government can assist in coordinating with the shipping or transportation company because until now export shipments have been delayed until the time limit is unclear,” he added. is the official website of PT. WONDERLAND COCONUT, which is passionate about the export and import of coconut shell charcoal and its derivatives, in the form of activated carbon, hookah shisha, BBQ, tamarind wood charcoal and many more, you can see it on our product menu.

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